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The 30:1 Series is a continuing series of designed to take the believer through a life engaged and empowered with Christ-centered living. The first of our series is Manhood.  The second is Marriage, to be published in February of 2015. Both designed to help you dive into 30 days of devotions and reflection. Look for more from the 30:1 series regarding marriage, prayer, parenting, Books of the Bible, and more….

The 30:1 (thirty to one) series is a structured devotional book consisting of one devotion per day, for thirty days, to engage the reader into Christ-centered faith. The title and cover picture are specifically designed to represent a Spartan theme. Just as the Spartans were outnumbered in the battle of Thermopylae, believers are underdogs in a sin-laden world. Like the Spartans, they must display courage, character, and fortitude, to fight for their lives, country, and king. Likewise, true disciples of Christ are called to count the cost of following Him (Luke 14:28). Christians have a much different outcome than the Spartans—being conquerors in Christ (Rom 8:37). Unfortunately, the majority of Christian households do not have valiant men enlisted in their faith, standing firm with godly integrity. They either lack the tools to fight on, or the courage. We hope this devotional is a tool to equip you.

A recent Barna poll noted that a little over 66% of evangelicals share their faith—that leaves out thirty percent![1] Our hope is not only that the 30% beat the odds, but that all Christian men become enmeshed in the battle and challenge to grow—leading their homes, businesses, and communities. The 30:1 Manhood series provides daily devotions specifically designed to help engage, empower, and equip the believer, accompanied by a daily reflection. The Christian faith is about becoming less like self and more like Christ (Eph 5:1).

[1] Barna Group. Survey Shows How Christians Share Their faith. January 31, 2005. https://www.barna.org/barna-update/article/5-barna-update/186-survey-shows-how-christians-share-their-faith#.VGTshb64laQ. Accessed November 11, 2014.

Contributing Authors

Scott Blair is a missionary, and podcaster, best known for his Wrestling With God projects. Author of Born To Raze Hell and Wrestling with God, he lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he leads a missional community called Grapplers Church.
Tyler Charles is a campus minister with the Coalition for Christian Outreach (CCO) at Ohio Wesleyan University and serves on staff at the Delaware City Vineyard in Delaware, Ohio. He is also a freelance writer and speaker, and you can connect with him at tyler-charles.com.
Matthew Fretwell, founder of Job 31 Ministries, is married, has three daughters, is the author of Denied Desires, Identity Theft, and Sanctificagious. He also serves as Senior Pastor at Oak Hall Baptist Church in Sandston, Virginia.
Patrick Hubbard is the Founder and President of Living Bread Ministries (livingbread.org), a ministry that is practicing comprehensive church planting among the global poor. He has been married to Bárbara for 22 years. They have three children, Patrick (13), Tabitha (10), and Olivia (7).
Brandon Miller desires to be the most engaged and faithful disciple of Jesus, husband, dad, minister of the Gospel, and writer that he can be. While he’s enjoyed his 18+ years of ministry to youth, college students, and adults, nothing beats being a blessing to his wife Kara and sons Zander and Alastair.
Walter C. Overman is married to his wife Aleena and has four children: Hayley, Hadassah, Calvin and Malcolm. He currently serves as senior pastor of Wood Baptist Church in Wood, North Carolina.
Dennis Thurman has pastored churches in Western North Carolina for 36 years. Currently, he is Senior Pastor of Pole Creek Baptist Church where he has served for almost 20 years. Married to Marilyn for 40 years, they have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.


4 thoughts on “30:1 Series

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  2. Pingback: Are You Losing Focus? | mensdailylife

    • Bob,
      Thanks for asking. Our hope is to release it for a limited time for free, and then as long as we can continue to do so, we will. It is a resource that we want to get into men’s hands.


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