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True sanctification means to be set apart for use as a holy instrument of God, a holiness which comes only through the Holy Spirit. Reading the Bible without the Holy Spirit is like breathing without oxygen—it’s impossible.

Reading the Bible without the Holy Spirit is like breathing without oxygen—it’s impossible.

In the Gospel according to John, he records the supplication of Jesus, known as the “High-Priestly Prayer” in chapter 17. Within this text, Jesus prays to the Father concerning His disciples; He petitions, “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth” (John 17:17). Indeed, a statement hard to parallel by any means, Jesus asks the Creator God to set His disciples apart from the world, set them aside and make them holy, prepare them for a special and sacred use—in truth. Jesus asks the Father to set apart His followers with the Word that comes from Him.

This is exactly what the power of the Word of God does, it sets believers apart from the world, not only by its illumination and conviction, but also by the unique way it’s embedded into hearts, minds, and souls. When the Word of God finds fertile soil, it becomes fruitful. This fruitfulness becomes infectious, and believers share the goodness of its beauty. Sometimes, being infectious or contagious is a bad thing, especially in relation to sickness, but for many years I prayed that God would make my life contagious—that others would catch what I have; namely, the burning desire to know the Word of God. I like to call the combined nature of the Word’s sanctifying power and contagious ability, Sanctificagious.

However, the idea of Sanctificagious is not a fickle feeling or emotion, but a new and real way of life—one in which the perpetual reading and praying of the Word continues to set us apart and make us wholly contagious.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

“God not only sets people ablaze with a sanctifying fire, but He does so to build up His people. There is a fire within that is to be discovered and pulled out from within each of us.” ~ p.42

“If you truly want to discover the fire within, you will need to seek God’s Word with a passion. Unfortunately, without knowing God’s Word, it makes understanding Him, hearing Him, and talking to Him, almost non-existent.” ~ p.34

“Sanctifying fire is not a mere Christianese saying, it is a summation of character, an attitude and a will to know God more.” ~ p. 15

“There is something deep inside each believer that when they read or hear a devout man or woman of God who lived to pray, that it sparks a desire inside them. More than likely the person thinks to them, “I wish I could pray like that.” Have you ever thought that before? Have you ever been in a Bible study, small group, or even with another believer and they seem to pray the paint off of a wall? Immediately you think, “Wow, I wish I could pray like that?” If you’re honest, that person’s prayer has probably sparked something within you.” ~ p. 74

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